Plamena Avramova Getova was born on June 1, 1953 in Montana, Bulgaria. She graduated acting in National Academy for Theatre and Film Art, Sofia, Bulgaria in the class of Professor Grisha Ostrovsky in 1976. Her debut was in the role of Gerda in "Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen in Yambol Theater. She worked in theaters in Yambol, Stara Zagora, Burgas, Theater "Bulgarian army", Sofia. She is a wife of the famous director and producer of puppet performances, and director of the Puppet Theater Kyrgiakos Argyropoulos. Her most important roles on the stage are Albena in "Albena "by Yordan Yovkov, Hedwig in" The Wild Duck "by Henrik Ibsen, Lyuba in" Fantasies of Faryatiev "by A. Sokolova, Vela in" Vampire "by A. Strashimirov, Juliet in" Romeo and Juliet "by William Shakespeare , Gilles in "Butterflies are free" by L. Gertsch, Elena in "Uncle Vanya" by A. Chekhov, Emma Bovary in "Madame Bovary" by G. Flaubert, Patricia in "The Last Yankee" by Miller, Nomsen in "Meteor" by Fr.. Dürrenmatt

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