One of the most prolific and praised directors of the Golden Era of Mexican Cinema, Galindo fell in love with movies at an early age. After his family emigrated to Mexico City, young Alejandro studied to became a dentist. Eventually, he abandoned medical school and traveled to Hollywood, where he worked as a laboratory technician, editor, assistant director and Spanish translator at MGM. After he worked with director Gregory La Cava, Galindo returned to Mexico in 1930. He worked on radio and as a screenwriter for a few films. He made his debut as feature film director with Rebel Souls (1937). Galindo's filmography is very extensive and includes comedy, film noir, horror and drama. He was praised for films that reflex the complexities of modern urban life. Campeón sin corona (1946) Una familia de tantas (1949) and Espaldas mojadas (1955) are among his most important films.