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Will Friedle_peliplat

Will Friedle

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Popularity: 1000+
Date of birth: 08/11/1976
City of birth: Hartford, Connecticut, USA

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William Alan Friedle was born on August 11, 1976, in Hartford, Connecticut, and grew up in Avon, Connecticut. He went to Avon High School. Will is a comedian, and he is probably best known for his starring role as the dumb yet creative older brother Eric Matthews in ABC's hit TV show Boy Meets World (1993), which ran from September 1993 until May 2000. Will also plays animated characters such as Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond (1999) and Ron Stoppable in the Disney Channel hit animated show Kim Possible (2002). Also, in 2002, he got a staring role in the short-lived UPN series The Random Years (2002) in which he played Alex Barnes, one of the three roommates in college. Since UPN picked up that show, UPN did not let him join the cast of the WB show Off Centre (2001). Both shows ended up getting canceled after about two months on the air. In 2003, Will tried again to make it on TV, when he got a starring role in the pilot of the Fox show Jack's House (2003), which never aired. Will also does voices for video games such as Kingdom Hearts II (2005) and Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (2005).

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