Lynne Frederick was a promising and ascending British actress of the 1970s. For 10 years, she captivated moviegoers with her perfect combination of girl-next-door beauty, an angelic smile, an ethereal charm, and a classic fairy tale princess look that was all put into one gifted package. Although best remembered as the fourth and final wife of British comedian, Peter Sellers, Frederick has started gaining a cult following in recent years. Before Kate Winslet and Emma Watson, there was Lynne Frederick; the original English Rose. Lynne Wagner Harding Frederick was born in Hillingdon, Uxbridge, United Kingdom to Iris and Andrew Frederick on July 25, 1954. Frederick's father walked out of her life when she was no more than two years of age and she was raised by her grandmother and mother, who worked for Thames Television. Growing up, Lynne attended Notting Hill and Ealing High School and originally intended to become a teacher of physics and mathematics with no intentions of working in Ho

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