Charles Fogel immigrated to the United States in 1905. Fogel resided in various states until he finally settled down in California in the early 1930s. Since Fogel was a tailor by profession, it was only natural that the prematurely aged Fogel drifted into socialite scenes in movies in the 1930s. Going against stereotype, Fogel found work as an extra and as a stand-in. His vast wardrobe and reputation for being professional resulted in him appearing in countless club scenes in the 1940s. The spry Fogel also found a niche by stand-in for old character actors in a various assortment of movies. While a lot of older actors were having difficulty finding work in films in the 50s, Fogel's work never seemed to cease. He was known among his peers as a serious minded individual who didn't have time to joke around. When people hired him to do a job, Fogel did everything in his power to make sure that it was done right. Fogel's reputation for professionalism helped him maintain his constant stre

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