Craig Fairbrass is a British actor born in London who made his feature film debut opposite Academy Award winner Denzel Washington as Challoner in Working Title's powerful British thriller For Queen & Country (1988). Craig has since gone onto star in some fifty feature films, including the lead role in Twenty independent films in the U.K and U.S as well as award-winning British TV along with lead guest star roles in several major U.S. TV series. Craig also became one of the most iconic voices within the most successful video game franchise of all time, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare by lending his voice to Gaz, Ghost and Walcroft. Leading roles in the Mo-Cap games Battlefield V and Squadron 42/Star Citizen. In 2018 Craig won best Actor at The National Film Awards for his strong portrayal of Pat Tate in Rise of Footsoldier 3 and continues to headline this powerhouse British franchise. 2019 co-lead in the BIFA nominated Feature Film Muscle and starring in Warheads the 2020 Olivier nominated

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