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James Hicks has worked extensively on T.V and has starred in movies including Miss Monday, directed by Benson Lee, which won a Special Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. As a voice artist, James has lent his vocal talents to numerous productions and voiced the lead character for the BAFTA nominated, Emmy Award winning documentary, Hiroshima, Days That Shook The World. James was born in North London, in a small house overlooking Highgate Cemetery. His father, Gerry Hicks earned extra income as a Jazz musician and song writer. The family moved to Suffolk where James, his elder brother Daniel and younger sister, Emma, spent a wild childhood seeking adventure in the sprawling countryside. Their mother, Sarah, was always there to apply the band aids when their crazy stunts went too far . James' parent divorced when he was ten, and his father moved to a local village. The kids went to Castle Heddingham Comprehensive School, where James played Tony in West Side Story and The Narrator in Our Town under the guidance of his drama teacher, David Chapman. Meanwhile, James' dad wrote some shows and plays for the local Amateur -Dramatic company and James and his two siblings got involved. The acting bug had taken hold. After leaving school, James worked for a year at Greene King brewery in Bury St Edmunds before moving back to London where he earned a working scholarship to study Acting at The Academy of Live and Performing Arts. As an actor he has yet to be type-cast and has enjoyed playing a broad swath of roles - comedic, romantic, villainous and heroic . As a writer, James has contributed to numerous feature films and has had writing commissions from Steve Coogan's company Baby Cow and North One. Following an extensive tour, the critically acclaimed stage play Telstar (which he co-wrote with fellow actor/director Nick Moran) went to the West End. The lead actor, Con O'Niel, was nominated for an Olivier Award for his portrayal of legendary record producer, Joe Meek. James and Nick then wrote the screen play which became a feature film staring Kevin Spacey, Pam Ferris and James Cordan. James is married to Emma(a teacher) and has three sons- Louis (by a previous relationship) and Billy and Theo.

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