Mark Hanson was born in Michigan and grew up being raised in North Dakota, Utah, and Texas. Mark's father and mother divorced when he was six years old and he has seen his father once for a brief time since. He and his older brother Steven, younger sister Rechelle, and younger brother Brent, were raised by his mother Linda McMullin.Though Mark attended many schools in the U.S., he graduated from Rockwall High School in Texas. After graduation,he decided to chase his dream of becoming a character actor in film. With zero connections in the industry and vowing to become a successful actor while living in Dallas, he worked numerous jobs to support his goal. Mark has worked many jobs, including bar tending, security, valet, sales, and repairing antique clocks to name a few. Mark is co-owner of "Fireside Releasing" a film and TV distribution company in Dallas Texas. In Mark's words,"his first big break is yet to come".