Bob Harks came from a rather large family where his father was a salesman for oil rig companies and where his mother was a stay at home mother. Throughout his life he was very devoted to his family but like most people, he yearned to get out and see the world. Harks eventually drifted to California where he eventually became a clothing model. Through his connections he established as a model, he was able to get into the Screen Extras Guild where he was actually taken onto location for the movie Bullet. This began what was going to be a very long career in the Screen Extras Guild. Harks came in at the tail end of the television western era, it was only natural for him to find work on the unpaved streets of several television westerns like Bonanza and Gunsmoke. With the downturn of popularity in westerns, Harks made the transition from a cowboy to a detective. Over the next 15 years, he would frequently be seen on shows like Kojak where he'd appear around the squad room and also on sho

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