Phillips' was born the middle child of three girls, to an Air Force career father and stay at home mom. Constantly being uprooted allowed her to personally transform as situations arose. As a youngster, she learned how to be flexible and the attention grabber within her family and amongst her friends. Constantly spearheading havoc often found her in trouble with the adults at various intervals. When her artistic mother, a skater and dancer asked a very young Phillips' what she wanted to be when she grew up, she responded "Lucille Ball". She was also enamored and inspired by another leading female comedic actress, Carol Burnett, and in addition enjoyed all of the British Carry On Gang films. While growing up, Phillips' artistic talent matured and she worked in a variety of mixed mediums, including painting and sculpting, but quickly became restless and yearned to express more. An avid athlete in high school, she competed in Soccer and excelled in Track and Field where her Relay Team b

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