Writer/Director Peter Gould was born and raised in the Chelsea neighborhood of Lower Manhattan where he was expelled from a number of tony, non-conformist private schools. After graduating with a B.A. in English from Sarah Lawrence College, Peter became a fixture on the New York Indie scene, working in every conceivable job on films ranging from the retro punk angst of Scott and Beth B. to the joyous exploitation of Troma ("The Toxic Avenger"). Finally landing in the semi-respectable world of television commercials, Peter quickly decided that he wanted to make films of his own. Moving west to the USC Graduate Production program, Peter devoted himself to writing and directing. Peter's memories of unhappy prep school experiences, Luis Buñuel movies and an abiding interest in women's feet percolated through his unconscious: the result was the short film script DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS. DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS is the story of a self-hating foot-fetishist who works as a department store trainee. T

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