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Stacy Cunningham

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Born in Knoxville, Tennessee and raised in Texas, Stacy Cunningham's dreams of being an actress surfaced early in her childhood. Her family always performed. Her sister sang, her dad played the guitar, her little brother rapped and Stacy performed monologues. Although her dad practices as a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon, "he also happens to be one of the best bluegrass flat-pickers in the nation, even though his concerts have been limited to the immediate family in the small studio above his garage." She believes that her mom is the ultimate homemaker - a chef and a registered nurse - who rarely worked outside the home, choosing instead to be a housewife and full-time mother. While growing up, Stacy performed in many theater classics - "Annie," "Wizard of Oz," "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" - and the Backdoor Theater became her "second home" in Texas. Always extremely active, she had dance classes, played piano and drums and participated in soccer and swimming. She even held the Texas state-title for backstroke. "Yet, not once did she ever imagine life without being an actress. Stacy's family moved to Los Angeles while she was still in high school; and, shortly thereafter, she discovered Cal Arts. She loved the concept of a concentrated world of making art - without sororities, football or jocks - and found a kind of purity in it all. When her family moved to Georgia right after her graduation from high school, she stayed here for a year. She bussed tables, did lots of theater and "caused a hell of a lot of trouble." Shortly thereafter, she auditioned for Cal Arts and was accepted. She found her time there to be extraordinary. Only 6 out of 27 acting students graduated with their degrees, and Stacy was one of them. Immediately after graduation, Stacy started performing in more theater productions. In fact, it was while she was in the middle of tech week in the theater that she was hired for her first feature film, Ghost of Spoon River (2000). which shot in Peoria, Illinois. She followed it with The Reckoning (2002), her first lead in a film. She has many motion pictures under her belt, including: Paramount Pictures' "Carrots for Hare" and independents _Ripple Effect (2006)_, Before Turning the Gun (2006), The Reckoning (2002), The Custodian (1993) and, most recently, "A New Finish," among others. Stacy's television credits include a series regular role on the comedy As Seen on TV (2005) with George Wendt and Jonelle Allen, and the comedy Video Master Dating (2006). Her eclectic stage work includes such classics as "The Tempest," "Salome" and "Uncle Vanya," along with "Hurly Burly" and "Cabaret," among many others. In her spare time, Stacy continues doing theater and studying with extraordinary teachers such as, Alan Vint - one of her greatest influences.

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