With 30 films and more than 20 television shows to his credit, over 75 million viewers in the United States alone have seen Cylk Cozart's work. But, for Cozart, it is his love of children and helping others less fortunate that led him to Hollywood and what continues to underscore his reason for being in show business. Cylk Cozart's wide range of talents as an actor, producer, writer, singer, model and songwriter have made him one of Hollywood's most sought after artists. Cozart has an impressive list of film credits to his name that have garnered well over a half a billion dollars at the box office, including: Conspiracy Theory (1997) (Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts); Ron Shelton's White Men Can't Jump (1992); Three to Tango (1999) (Matthew Perry and Neve Campbell); Love Affair (1994) (Annette Bening and Warren Beatty); Eraser (1996) (Arnold Schwarzenegger); Play It to the Bone (1999) (Antonio Banderas and Woody Harrelson); Blue Chips (1994) (Nick Nolte and 'Shaquille O'Neal (I)'); and I

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