Claudia Christian began her career on stage as a child in Connecticut. She booked her first television job as a teenager in the hugely popular series "Dallas" and never stopped working. She has been in dozens of films and hundreds of hours of TV. She became a sci-fi icon with her portrayal of "Susan Ivanova" in the Hugo and Emmy award winning series, "Babylon 5". She has worked with legends such as Morgan Freeman, Michael Keaton, Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, Faye Dunaway, Bob Hope, Don Ameche, George Clooney, Nicolas Cage, Sharon Stone and more in her 35+ year career. She lends her distinctive voice to dozens of the world's most popular games and is a published author of non fiction and fiction. Claudia runs C Three Foundation and is a TEDx speaker. In 2014 she produced the award winning documentary "One Little Pill" and is a passionate activist. Claudia resides in Los Angeles and London.