Dell made his national TV debut opposite Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry on the hit Cosby spin-off TV series A Different World. He starred as the complex, hard-kicking secret agent "Dobrinksy" in the widely syndicated action series John Woo's Once A Thief. Recent credits include guest and co-starring roles in: Navy NCIS, Malcolm And Eddie, That '70s Show, PSI Factor, Mean Streak, First Wave and Queer As Folk. He also guest starred in Full House, Jack's Place, The Joe Torre Story and L.A. Heat. Film credits include Totally Blonde, Doomsday Rock and Panic In The Sky. In 2005 Dell began playing the continuing role of Detective Troy Hawkins on the award winning day time soap "The Young & The Restless". Early in 2005 Dell makes his reality show debut as the host of Making It Big, a new television series premiering on the Oxygen Network in the US and Life Network in Canada. Dell handholds ambitious young participants as they navigate the challenges that, each week, pits three up-a

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