Philip Barantini_peliplat
Philip Barantini_peliplat

Philip Barantini

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Popularity: 1000+
Date of birth: 07/13/1980
City of birth: Liverpool, England, UK

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Philip is an award winning and BIFA nominated director who started his career in 1996 as an actor appearing in Sky one's football drama "DREAM TEAM." He then went on to star in many film and television roles including, "BAND OF BROTHERS" (HBO), "NED KELLY" (Universal pictures) "HARD BOILED SWEETS" (Universal pictures) CHERNOBYL (HBO) to name just a few. In recent years Philip has developed a passion for directing and writing, quickly becoming recognized in the industry for his directorial skills as an innovative forward thinker, his projects include: "SECONDS OUT," a short film about a young boxer's struggle with mental health, starring FAYE MARSAY and ROBBIE ONEILL available on YouTube. "BOILING POINT" short, is a single-take snapshot of the immense stress and skills of a talented head chef played by STEPHEN GRAHAM, revealing that things are about to burst behind the restaurant's flash façade. "SPANISH PIGEON" Is a short dark comedy heist movie starring ROBERT GLENISTER, SEAN TEAL, DON WARRINGTON & CHRIS WALLEY. "VILLAIN" starring ROBERT GLENISTER, CRAIG FAIRBRASS, GEORGE RUSSO, IZUKA HOYLE & TAZ SKYLAR, is a heartbreaking story of a man trying to reconnect with his daughter and adapt back into the outside world after 10 years in prison. This is Philips Feature directorial debut, and has been praised by critics across the globe Including THE NEW YORK TIMES, VARIETY, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, THE GUARDIAN (UK), TIME OUT (UK). It is currently available on all digital platforms worldwide. Philips second feature BOILING POINT, adapted from the short, also starring STEPHEN GRAHAM alongside VINETTE ROBINSON, JASON FLEMYNG, MALACHI KIRBY, RAY PANTHAKI plus a whole host of upcoming talent. The feature, like the short is filmed in one continuous shot! No cuts for 90 minutes! Philip Is very excited to get this out to the World in 2021!

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Boiling Point

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