Ben Hernandez Bray is a film and television director who was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in one of the toughest San Fernando Valley neighborhoods. He's the oldest of six children, raised by his Mother and Grandmother and is of Mexican and Irish descent. In the late 1980's his boxing skills led him into the stunt industry where he then became one of the very few successful latino stuntmen in Hollywood and eventually becoming one of the top action stunt coordinators and second unit directors, working specifically with "Smoking Aces" Joe Carnahan and "Silver Linings Playbook" David O Russell. After twenty five plus years in the industry and over one hundred fifty film and tv credits, Mr Bray made his television directorial debut in 2015 with Katie Heigl's tv series "State of Affairs" for NBC/Universal, he then went on to direct episodes for Fox/Bruckheimer, CW/Greg Berlanti and ABC/Freeform. In 2018 will be Bray's feature film debut which he co-wrote with Joe Carnahan calle

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