“Filmmaking is really connected to life and all of the expressions that different arts found to allow access to life. Filmmaking touches on all of it” Recognized as a pioneer of the New German Cinema in the late and post-war 1960s, Wim Wenders is a pivotal presence in contemporary cinema. His mastery spans directing, photography, painting, and criticism, culminating in a body of work that defies genre boundaries between drama, romance, fantasy, and road movies. Among his groundbreaking documentaries and photographs, iconic films such as "Paris, Texas" (1984) and "The Wings of Desire" (1987) serve as a reflection of his profound exploration of the subtle complexities of life, with introspective characters navigating the realms of memory, identity, and existentialism. In close collaboration with cinematographer Robby Müller and with captivating black-and-white compositions, his movies capture the essence of modern spiritual disorder, while offering a unique perspective on national disp

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