“For me, the first fact of human existence is the human body. But if you embrace the reality of the human body, you embrace mortality, and that is a very difficult thing for anything to do because the self-conscious mind cannot imagine non-existence. It's impossible to do”. With a career marked by a fearless exploration of the human experience, David Cronenberg invites us to confront the most intricate corners of our minds and bodies. His films transcend mere storytelling, delving deep into the essence of human existence and challenging our perception of reality itself. Cronenberg's unique cinematic vision has redefined genres, blurring the lines between horror, science fiction, and psychological drama. From mind-bending explorations of technology's impact on the human psyche to visceral examinations of the body's transformative potential, his films offer a thought-provoking and often unsettling look at the boundaries of human nature. As we delve into his filmography, prepare to be c

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