One of Hollywood’s biggest faces, Jim Carrey stands as a singular figure, his journey marked by both comedic brilliance and profound depth. His story begins in the early '80s when he embarked on a quest to conquer the comedic landscape of Los Angeles, and it was on the stage of "The Tonight Show" where Carrey truly appeared in the scene with his rapid-fire impressions of cultural icons. Yet, rejection from "Saturday Night Live" pushed him to redefine his craft, shedding the confines of celebrity impersonations to embrace a more nuanced approach to comedy. Thanks to his iconic roles in comedies like "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" and "The Mask," Carrey's now emblematic attributes became legendary: his elastic body movements, bizarre facial expressions, and wild, erratic manner of speaking. But beneath the surface of his comedic personas only seen in comedians of his caliber, as evidenced by his dramatic turns in films like "The Truman Show" and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", an

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