Best known for his roles "Kirk Morris" and "Jack Farrell," with his sharp, raspy nasal voice, sneering smile and fierce look, Burns has made himself really an actor to watch. He was drawn to acting late in college. After graduating, he re-established himself in New York and landed the title role of "Don Juan" at the New York Shakespeare Festival. He made his official TV debut in a small role in ABC Afterschool Specials (1972) ( Mom's on Strike (1984)). He got memorable recurring roles as felons, like the pathological rapist "James Fitzsimmons" in several episodes of the NBC drama series Hill Street Blues (1981) and body collector "Breugel" on Max Headroom (1987). By 1988, he broke through and the landed plum role of "Kirk Morris," a member of the "One-Two-One" club on Dear John (1988), a remake of the hit British sitcom. That role brought him instant recognition. He got cast in many similar roles after that. In 1993, CBS gave him the role (another Kirk Morris-like) of "Arnan Rothman" i

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