Lennox Brown aka Lennox B was produced by Lenox Brown Sr.(Dad), and Elaine Duncan (Mom). Born in Port Antonio Jamaica & He grew up in Kingston while attended Rollington Town Primary School to Vauxhall Secondary then Camperdown High School. He got a job with Carnival Cruise Lines after graduating and being a DJ. He assisted Bill Panoff a Cruise Director as a stage manager lighting, and sound man at the same time for the Copacabana room on every show night. He was interested in the acts and the varieties of them so, he got interested in getting into knowing more. He even went and sing off and on secretly with the calypso band. He was then told if he wants to be on TV Films or on Stage he should go to Hollywood California. After taking a trip while on vacation from the ship, he found out that it was all the facts and Bill was right so he decided to take workshops and acting classes. After returning to Los Angeles from Jamaica, he was working as a background artist in the film "For The Boy

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