Diana Bracho's father is Julio Bracho who along with Emilio 'Indio' Fernández is considered the best director of the Golden Age of the Mexican Cinema (1940-1950). As a kid, Diana played bit parts in two or three of his father's films. She studied acting in England, and got her first major role in an Arturo Ripstein film "El Castillo de la Pureza" (The Castle of Purity) in 1972, when she was around 18 years old. Then she became a famous actress and played important roles in movies like "Chin Chin El Teporocho", "Las Poquianchis", she also did "El Santo Oficio" and "La Tia Alejandra" for Arturo Ripstein and in the early 80's she stopped acting in films and decided to act in TV series. And she did the right thing, since the crisis in movie industry was terrible, she got a major role in what is considered the second best Mexican TV serie/ soap opera of all time: "Cuna de Lobos" (1986), where she played a noble, suffering woman (she got lots of awards for this role), and then in 1991 finall

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