Melissa Brasselle was born on January 27, in Bronx NY. Coming from a talented and well known family of actors, singers, writers and producers it was inevitable that she would follow in their footsteps. Her mother Arlene DeMarco, was the lead singer of the famous singing group, "The Five DeMarco Sisters", as well as being the bestselling author of "Triangle" and "Make Believe Children." (NAL) Her father was actor Keefe Brasselle who starred in a number of films including Academy award winning film "A Place in the Sun." He was best known for his starring role in the "The Eddie Cantor Story." Melissa's parents both met each other on the set of MGM's "Skirts Ahoy" starring Ester Williams. He too was a bestselling author first writing the controversial "The Cannibals" followed by "The Barracudas." As a child Melissa was gifted vocally. She had perfect pitch, could harmonize to any song and played a variety of instruments without ever being taught, just like her mother and aunts had. Meliss

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