One of Hollywood's most prodigious workers, Eve has made contributions to nearly every facet of the entertainment industry. In addition to being a poet, Eve Brandstein has been a major studio and network executive, a producer, a film and theater director, writer/creator, and casting director. She is also an artist, psychotherapist, teacher and workshop facilitator, who has led writing and performance groups. As an accomplished fine artist her work is shown at galleries in Los Angeles and New York. She is a publisher of The Hollywood Review, an anthology of L.A. poets and also the author of "The Actor - A Practical Guide to a Professional Career" and has published several collections and anthologies of poetry chapbooks. Her next poetry collection will be published in 2023. She is also the producer of the celebrated reading series - Poetry In Motion, launched in 1988. Poetry in Motion is presently a bi-coastal monthly series at various venues in Los Angeles and\ New York City. Brandstei

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