Claudiu Bleont is a famous Romanian film and theater actor .He was born on August 27, 1959 in Bucuresti, Romania. He graduate the Institute of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography in 1983.In 1982 , he plays first role in the movie Fata Morgana. Other notable roles in Concurs (1983), ,Pas în doi (1985) , O vara de neuitat( 1995) . Play on the stage of the theater ''National I.L. Caragiale'' in Bucharest.2004 -Distinguished with the Order of Cultural Merit in the rank of Knight.He was married three times :Irina Tapalaga (1981-1986),Beatrice Rancea(1986-2001),Andra Negulescu (2001-2012).He is married with actress Iulia Lazar.They have a daughter.