Suzanne Bianchetti was born in Paris in 1889. During the First World War she made her cinema debut in the propaganda film La femme française pendant la guerre/The French Woman during the War (Alexandre Devarennes, 1917). She quickly became popular with short silent comedies such as Riquette se marie/Riquette Marries (Alexandre Devarennes, 1918). Her first dramatic role was in La Marseillaise (Henri Desfontaines, 1920) opposite André Nox. During the 1920s she became one of France's most loved and respected actresses, and worked with many of the notables of the silent film era, such as Antonin Artaud and the singer Damia. Her silent films include Flipotte (Jacques de Baroncelli, 1920) starring Gabriel Signoret, based on a novel by Henry Kistemaekers, Jocelyn (Léon Poirier, 1922), the popular serial Les Mystères de Paris/The Mysteries of Paris (Charles Burguet, 1922), Violettes imperials/Imperial Violets (Henry Roussel, 1924) with Raquel Meller, and the American romantic costume comedy-dr

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