Faruk Begolli was the most famous Kosovo Albanian actor and director in Yugoslavia (along with Bekim Fehmiu). He attended high school in Pristina and completed the academy of film in Belgrade (1966). Begolli played in more than 60 films, starting with Veljko Bulajic's Pogled u zenicu Sunca (1966). He cooperated with director Purisa Dordevic in his films Podne (Noon), Jutro (The Morning), and San (The Dream), and his notable roles include Bitka na Neretvi, Cuvar plaze u zimskom periodu and Dervis i Smrt (The Dervish and Death). In the late 1980s, Begolli returned from Belgrade to Kosovo, where he worked at the University of Pristina as a professor at the Faculty of Drama. His last lead role was in Ekrem Kryeziu's Dashuria e Bjeshkeve te Nemuna (Love in the Damned Mountain), and his last piece was Etjet e Kosoves (Kosovo: Desperate Search), where he was also a co-scenarist. He died in 2007, after a long battle with cancer.