Rachael Wotherspoon is a New Zealand born Actress, Filmmaker and Designer who trained at The Auckland Performing Arts Center and The Groundlings Theatre & School. Rachael began Acting in her home, Auckland as a child, studying Drama and Theatre. Her Filmmaking debut earned her an Award at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival For Your Birthday (2017) and she placed as a Semi-finalist in ScreenCraft's 2022 TV Pilot Screenplay competition, securing her a spot on Coverfly's Red List. Straight out of high school Rachael began working full-time to help support a family member during a tough time, while putting herself through Drama School and Acting Class part-time; studying under acclaimed Coaches Peter Feeney, Vicky Yiannoutsos, Fiona Edgar and Miranda Harcourt. Rachael continued to dedicate herself to her craft, studying at The Auckland Performing Arts Center, The Actors Lab and The Actors Program in New Zealand, followed by landing roles local New Zealand Dramas, National TV commer

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