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JR Hatchett

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JR Hatchett is an American and international actor with roles in many movies doing stunts as well acting, most recently traveling to Colombo, Sri Lanka, to play the Gun Runner in the movie The Gandhi Killing, in which he also did stunt work for the lead actor. His other acting credits include roles in such diverse films as Children of the Corn: Runaway, Overexposed, Wildlife, and Forsaken. He will make his leading man debut in Gun Powder and Lead, which films later this summer. Born and raised in Stilwell, Oklahoma, JR is an only child. An extraordinarily diverse actor, JR has played a multitude of roles ranging from a tactical officer to cowboy to a released convict in the cable show American Gods. In addition to acting, JR is an entrepreneur, opening up a fire company that was very successful for over 16 years before he sold it to make acting his full time career. He and his son Austin enjoy living in the beautiful countryside of Oklahoma.

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Gun Powder and Lead_peliplat

Gun Powder and Lead

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