A Modern Day Hidden Figure... Letecia D. Reeder was born January 18, 1983, in Atlanta, Ga. She landed her first major feature in the film Hidden Figures. In 2013, She got her first start with Tyler Perry in his hit shows like Loving Thy Neighbor, Have And Have Nots, For Better Or Worse, and If Loving You Is Wrong. After mastering appearances in hit shows with Tyler Perry, Letecia made her transition in doing extra-work in filming. Her ability to shine as a triple threat as a singer and poet assisted Letecia to becoming featured in Oprah's OWN hit series Greenleaf and done stand in, featured in TV One's Justice By Any Means, and Bad Dad Rehab. Letecia Reeder triumphed over many obstacles in her early childhood. She lost her father in 1998. Her roots in acting and performing arts where cultivated by her mother Cynthia (Tracey) Reeder. As a teenager Letecia helped her mom A&R for her music management company. In 2002, Letecia's mom passed away from wrongful death. Letecia was in college

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