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Troy Wilson

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Troy grew up in Mustang, OK and still resides there. As soon as he was of age he began law enforcement training, and decided to make that his permanent career. In the early 2000s, he suffered a career-ending injury, and was unable to continue his passion for serving his community. After a few years of trying other careers, he found he was unable to continue those as well. Troy has been everything from a cop, to a guitar salesman, and everything in between. His main passion now is music. He has been a professional musician since the age of 15, and continues to play the guitar, and sing locally, whenever he gets a chance. He discovered acting by chance, when an old high school friend co-wrote the screenplay for the movie "Rudderless" and a local call went out for actors to be background players in the film. Troy was chosen for that, and discovered he had a flair for it, after all, he had been performing onstage all his s life, with music, as well as drama classes all through school. Troy found he was very comfortable on a movie set, and was able to perform well. He now lives a quiet life in Mustang, with his beautiful wife Kristina, and 4 cats. They have no children, but Troy did have 3 month old son, who passed away in 1995. He found that acting filled a hole in his life, where he longed to perform in a totally different way than he always has with his music, and he has made life long friends on the movie sets. His main acting influences include William H. Macy, who he worked for in the film "Rudderless", Robert DeNiro, and Jack Nicholson.

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