Born on 12/28/1976 in Arlington Heights IIl. After completing high school at Bradwell Institute in Hinesville Georgia, He went on to join the United States Marine Corps. After completing his time in the Marines he decided to follow his dream and entered into the career of law enforcement. He worked as a Corrections Officer at the Georgia State Prison which afforded him the training and ability to Move to Arizona to land a job with The Maricopa County Sheriff Office. He was able to experience many aspects of the Sheriff's Office such as a Bomb Technician and a SWAT Operator. He was also involved in Detectives and the Training Division as well. Being with the third largest county in the US, he also got his first chance to be in front of the camera for a TV show "Inside Edition" . He went on to be a part of many police based TV shows to include "Cops and Coyotes", "SWAT USA" and "AZ Lawman". This was the show where he was introduced to Steven Seagal. Steven and Bryan became friends and

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