Vivienne Bersin is an actress from Denver, Colorado. She has just finished filming a supporting role with Will Smith, directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green in the biopic drama King Richard (2021), which is scheduled to premiere worldwide on Thanksgiving weekend 2021. She is known for her work in film, including Walden: Life in The Woods (2017), and the post-apocalyptic film A Feral World (2020), which she filmed over a period of four years. Vivienne also co-starred as a tough yet vulnerable and wise beyond her years homeless teenager in Finding Home, a full-feature movie portraying the reality and challenges of the opioid crisis in the US. Vivienne began acting at age 8, performing in lead roles in several youth theater productions, transitioning to screen acting at age 11. Vivienne is a competitive tennis player, playing Varsity Division 5A at her high school, in which she won the Colorado State Championship title. She is passionate about animal rights, being a strong advocate for the Afr

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