Primarily recognized as a military or technical skills character in film and television, Forest Baker was an accomplished East Coast stage actor in his early 20's. Born in 1948 in Wabash Indiana he attended Holy Cross College on a Track and Football scholarship graduating in 1970, taught college and received an MS in Biology at Villanova University in 1972 and an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania in 1975. During his 40 years as an industrial General Manager Forest took one year off in 1990-1991 to work as a background artist in Hollywood. In 2003 he launched the family-owned high couture fashion brand Bella Dolci and in 2010 ran for the US Congress in California CD-13, successfully winning his Primary Contest in June of that year. Known for playing heavy characters with intelligence and gravitas Forest returned to Los Angeles in 2015 to act in independent movie and television productions building credentials, raw experience and momentum as a day-player leading t

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