Eric Kshywonis was born Eric Hathaway in Fort Worth Texas in 1982 Eric grew up in the Akron, Ohio area. He is the youngest of two boys born to parents Bruce and Gayle Hathaway. Eric lost both his parents at a young age. His father had remarried after his mother's death and has two younger half-sisters Danielle and Erica Hathaway from that marriage. Eric was adopted by his aunt and uncle, Donna and Steve Kshywonis. Eric's childhood was not easy with all the tragedy in his life but he managed to graduate from Medina high school, and joined the Air Force in which he served for 6 years . He was honorably discharged for medical reasons. Eric moved to Atlanta to pursue his passion for acting. Eric has appeared in several print ads, billboards. Eric was casted as extras in a few movies and Television show. Eric was later casted in a reoccurring role in the TV pilot The Grand Prince Of Moscow.