Dey Burnley was born on August 19th, in South Bend, Indiana. When Dey was 3, she and her family relocated to Georgia. Dey always had a passion for acting, starting as early as the age of 5. She and her brother used to set up intricate shows and perform them for their family. During her childhood she performed in different plays and skits for her schools. As she continued to grow her passion for acting grew a long with her. Dey didn't get the chance to really pursue acting professionally thus far because of different circumstances, also the city she and her family used to live in didn't provide much opportunity. When she was a little older, she and her family moved closer to the city of Atlanta for better opportunity. One morning her mom was reading the local newspaper and saw that there were extras castings for Resurrection taking place in their city. She urged Dey to email a head-shot and information to the casting agent. Dey was contacted and asked to be an extra. She showed up on s

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