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Devin Montgomery

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Devin J. Montgomery was born in Kearney, Nebraska. Acting was never really something he thought of as pursuing as a career until college. It was between badminton and a theatre class for elective hours, and he chose theatre. He has worked his way to be a WWII pilot in "Rise Above: WASP," portraying a young Chris Connelly in the 80's on DIRECTV's hit show "Price of Fame," and starring as the lead in the award winning "A Monster Within" from The Viridian Picture Company. He has also showcased his range as a fighter in an upcoming fighting movie called "FIGHT! Get Back Up!" and portraying a stoner in a very memorable scene in which his character robs a dispensary in the upcoming comedy feature film "Dessert Island." Since he was adopted as a baby, he recently found out his origins are from the Indigenous people of the Americas and also Spanish/Portuguese. He has really tried to explore his background since and find out more. As an actor, he has trained with Los Angeles casting director Matthew Barry, Oklahoma casting director Chris Friehofer, actor Daryl Cox, and New Orleans casting director Ryan Glorioso, among many other great acting teachers.

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