Christopher Michael Arminio is an Actor living in Los Angeles, California. Christopher was born in New Haven, Connecticut on October 20th, 1985. He was raised in Newburgh, Indiana during a time when polished video games, high budget movies, and quality television were sweeping the nation. This consciously fueled his inspiration and passion to professionally pursue a career in the Entertainment Industry. Drama classes in high school were taken comically, and sketches filmed on an 8mm handicam were created solely for the amusement of friends during social settings, but it wasn't until appreciating multiple job titles while working at a local movie theatre that Christopher acknowledged his true compassion for acting, writing, and creating. Since 2008, Christopher has had the opportunity to meet and work with so many amazing stars, directors, writers, crew members, and fellow actors. His ultimate goal is to gain wisdom and experience while diving into a multitude of roles, while also hopef

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