Daniel's recent roles have varied from Police Detective to smooth talking Playboy as well as a producer credit on his Internationally released debut feature film 'Alfa Maschi'. Following a carefully tailored career path, Daniel has completed his 'apprenticeship' with small productions and now the TV series he stars in 'Hard Knock Life' is being Internationally released on major streaming platforms. He has been trained by some of the very best in both performance and accent to allow him to portray a richer blend of character and to enhance his onscreen presence - NIDA, Christine King Casting and Clarie Crowther to name a few. With a keen thrill for action he has been trained by industry professionals in weapons and screen combat. His passion for film making thrives, starting his own production company (Yin Yang Entertainment) successfully producing several projects from TV Pilots and Films to promotional videos. He has not only produced but written and directed the majority of these p

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