Bradley Bowen is the very definition of the American success story. Leaving high-school behind him at the age of 16; the entrepreneur in Bradley quickly emerged. While pursuing a new-found passion for surfing, Bradley survived those early years by working as a "groomie" poolside in Daytona Beach, Florida. Today, 31 years later, Bradley has built an extraordinary life as world-wide Pro-Am Competitive Surfer, Chun Kuk Do Karate World Champion, Jiu-Jitsu Medalist, Entrepreneur, Film Producer, and Actor. Bradley met his now wife of 24 years and adjusted his focus from surfing to building a life that would support him and his wife Aimee. Taking various laborer jobs within the construction industry, Bradley mastered the skills for exterior stucco and started his own company in 1994. He was able to enjoy his financial freedom and began traveling on the Pro-Am surfing circuits through the birth of his beautiful daughter Jayden in March of 2001. Bradley was inspired to study Karate after an a

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