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Ryan Dean, a born and bred Angeleno, was groomed for the stage and screen at a young age. Born in November of 1989, he was a National Yo-Yo Champion by the age of 9, and by age 13 he was playing drums in his first band. By high school, Ryan experimented with a multitude of music styles, and decided to continue that through college. In 2009, Ryan was approached by Blizzard Entertainment to record music for their upcoming World of Warcraft video game. Simultaneously, he was playing drums in Anita & the Yanks, an Irish Folk Band, and The Atomic Sherpas, a progressive rock band. Ryan is delighted and energized to make his feature film debut in William H. Macy's directorial debut film, Rudderless, playing Aiken. He dedicates his work on this film to his late father who formally trained in theatre under Lee Strasberg.

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