Leland R Prater is at heart a storyteller and a student of those that are. Growing up in a small town at a time when four television channels on a good day was pretty much your only contact with the outside world meant cultivating an imagination was crucial, and for better or worse as far as his family's sake, Leland's young mind was fertile ground. Whether in the written word or as an actor, from novelizing his own screenplays to performing in front of the camera, his belief is that stories are the fabric which binds people together. The strength of the fabric however comes from how well it's woven, and so it's important to learn from the best weavers. He has improvised a scene acting for Martin Scorsese in the film Killers of the Flower Moon. He has written screenplays and a one act play that was performed recently at the prestigious Lotos Club in New York City as part of the 27th Annual Yule Log program hosted by Carl Sabatino and Rolland Smith. His novelizations of the Ebenezer t

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