Hannah Barefoot is a theatrically trained actress, singer, and dancer originally from Cody, Wyoming. Her first leading role role in the cult favorite, 'The Falls: Testament of Love,' earned her a reputation as a raw and vulnerable dramatic actress early on, while her work in improv developed her comedic chops. As a singer, Hannah is one half of an indie-folk-rock duo, The Luminous Grey, alongside her husband, Andy Barefoot. Their music has been commissioned and featured in feature films, including two of Hannah's films, and she was recently the lead in renowned choreographer Galen Hook's western musical film, 'There Once Was a Woman.' Hannah is an athlete and a dancer, having been a competitive swimmer from childhood through high school, and a dancer from the age of 5 through the present. Hannah is also a writer, and gravitates toward creating characters who are unpredictable, physically dynamic, and inherently flawed. Hannah believes that gratitude and persistence win the day. Eve

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