Billynaire Cruz was born December 14th, 1984 in Honduras city of La Ceiba but was raised in South Central Los Angeles to mother Isabel Bardales and father Faustino Cruz. Hustling was Billynaire's escape from reality as he dealt with difficult times throughout his childhood. At the young age of seventeen he went through probation, house arrest, and was locked up in jail twice. But not even the system could stop his reputation through his street fame, money, power, and respect. In 2004, Billynaire was hosting a big flyer party, but a fight broke loose with a gang. After he left the party some youngster was shoot outside the party scene. After he got off the freeway the police arrested him. He was facing 25 to life in prison, but God was the only one he could depend on. In three days, his case was drop and he was released from prison. In 2005 he wrote his first gospel song, which was the foreground for his innovative ideas expressed through his music.