Halszka (Wanda, Lea) Kuza. Halszka is an only child in her family, she was born in Olsztyn, Poland where she participated in a city theater since a very young age. As a teenager she decided to explore acting further. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and after graduation she moved to California to pursue an acting career overseas. Halszka is an actress with a remarkable sense of humor. She is a huge animal lover. Business savvy, fast learner. She calls herself "A hard worker with a great work ethic, that truly loves the craft. Never a drama queen, unless the role requires. Our body and mind are most precious of the actor's tools, I strive for constant growth yet to stay open, available and ready, no matter what comes my way." Halszka began her career in TV shows such as "House of Lies" , "Dexter" and "Californication". With a few life hurdles on the way she is working towards her life long dream.