Hiroyuki Bari Suzuki (born July 24, 1986), is a Japanese Actor, Singer, and Songwriter born in Okinawa Japan, then moved to Kyoto and Tokyo Japan. Hiroyuki Bari Suzuki started his career in music and voice-over work. Eventually, modeling took his interests locally in Japan working with brands such as Beams and Uniqlo. Hiroyuki Bari Suzuki eventually started acting with his first appearance on Hannah Montana in America starring Miley Cyrus. While other workings primarily in Japan. Suzuki later took a break from Music and Acting to finish University in New York at Columbia University. Hiroyuki Bari Suzuki credits his sense of style and creativity to the environments he has lived in such as lived in Harlem, Upper West Side, and Brooklyn for several years. Paris France, London United Kingdom, and Japan as his influence. Hiroyuki Bari Suzuki is of Japanese, Korean, Samoan, Hawaiian, Serbian and Iranian descent. His mother is a Japanese and Korean mix. While his father is Samoan, Hawaiian, J

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