Albert Lin is a National Geographic Explorer with a Ph.D. in materials science from UC San Diego. He has turned several of his explorations into documentary series for Nat Geo. These shows often combine traditional archaeology, geology and historical research with cutting edge LiDAR, sonar, and computer imaging technology to bring a whole new perspective to past worlds. The application of these technologies, with help from experts in their fields, have also led to some startling new discoveries - especially in the world of Mayan archaeology. Lin's first Nat Geo exploration used non-invasive technology to search for the tomb of Genghis Khan and explore the Valley of the Khans in Mongolia. He has since continued working with technology and National Geographic with projects such as [tt10366494 Lost Cities with Albert Lin], [tt10276578 Lost Treasure of the Maya] and [tt12204636 Buried Secrets of the Bible with Albert Lin]. Lin lost his leg after shattering his leg bone in an off-road acci

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