Bobby T, was raised in Charlotte, NC. He grew up a very smart & funny child. He tried his hand at many sports, crafts, and jobs through out his youth. His love for Acting/Arts came from Mrs Nancy Payne his high school AP English Teacher at Olympic High School. She said to him "You need to be an actor/entertainer you have a knack for grabbing people's attention in a positive light . . ." She would make him read stories in class doing all the characters in different voices as the class enjoyed. Upon leaving High school & attending NC A&T SU he pursed a different path & decided to do Mechanical Engineering based on the likelihood of becoming an Actor was slim to none. He was bitten by the bug again when he took an acting class for an elective. He went on to be an engineer & could never fit in to the corporate lifestyle & was always revered for his personality, charm, & sometimes his work. He has since gone full force into acting & working his hardest to reach the pinnacle of Acting & ma

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