Dawn is best known for Selma, Lila and Eve, The Boss and Devious Maids. Dawn is also known for her southern drawl, animal rescue, Multiple Sclerosis awareness advocacy, Service & Emotional Support Animals and as a guitar player. Speaking of Service Animals, Dawn has a Multiple Sclerosis and PTSD Service/ESA dog (in-training) named Kevin; she also has a Yorkie named Cooper and a rescue cat named Catrick Swayze. Dawn is an independent On Set Medical/Disability/Crisis Consultant and Health & Safety Team Member in the television and film industry as health allows. Dawn graduated from college, with honors (Magna Cum Laude) as a double major, earning Bachelors Degrees in Psychology & Sociology; she then went on to obtain her Masters in Counseling (Crisis, PTSD) and is FEMA Incident Response Certified. Dawn volunteers crisis and grief counseling services. Dawn was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2011 and started playing guitar to alleviate MS symptoms and pain. Dawn is an MS and/or Disab

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